Our Approach

We value your success

Above all else, your success matters. We believe our work will have a real impact on your business.

We love collaboration

You know your business best and we value that. We know that without your input, our work would not be as effective. That’s why we don’t employ account handlers that get in the way of direct communication; we want to work with you, not just for you.

We’re fair

We believe that all business transactions should be fair. Building long-lasting relationships with our clients has always been of greater value to us than a short-term fix.

We believe in education

The education sector is one of our primary areas of expertise, because we know there is nothing more important than learning, no matter what your age. Education unlocks a world ripe with potential, and we want to help open that door.

We’re not 9–5

We are hard-working, conscientious and flexible. If you have a tight deadline, where physically possible, we will ensure that you meet it.

We’re pragmatic

We build practical and innovative work that is not only successful but cost effective. If we can find a way to save you money or come in on budget, without compromising the effectiveness of our work, we will.

We’re specialists

We are a design agency with many years of experience and are specialists in our field. It’s why our clients love us… because we know our onions.

We’re designers

We don’t employ account handlers that get in the way of direct communication with us as designers. This way we believe our results are more effective and less time-consuming.

We’re boutique

We’re a small agency and proud of what we’ve achieved for our clients over the years. Consequently your business means a lot to us. We treat every new project on its own merit.

We’re transparent

We believe that the best way to nurture trust with our clients is through open, honest dialogue.

Tim Ball / Creative Director

I’ve been a graphic designer since 1992. I set up Ball Design & Branding in 2003 after working in Sydney, Chester and Cologne. I wanted to create an agency that genuinely helped clients through design solutions that were well-crafted, pragmatic, value for money and effective. Typography and design for print are my two design passions. I also believe in education on all levels: education for self-improvement, educating staff and fellow designers, educating our clients and also working in the education sector. As Hector in Alan Bennett’s History Boys said, “Pass it on, boys”.

In 2014, I walked from London to Land’s End (323 miles) in aid of Cancer Research UK, raising over £6,000. Outside of design I’m involved in music production and lugger sailing in Mount’s Bay, Cornwall.

I believe that logos are often misconstrued as brands, and that the majority of businesses tend to ignore colour, typography and photography as the three most emotionally engaging elements in any design.

Simon Dibley / Graphic Designer

I studied design at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand, and graduated in 2012. After working freelance in New Zealand, I moved to London to travel to gain further knowledge in design. Working at Ball Design is fantastic. Even after a year, I learn something new every day about the finer details of typography, branding and design for print. Illustration and typography are the aspects of design I am most interested in. Illustration used to be my main focus, but as I learn more and more about the intricacies of design, typography has definitely taken the lead.

Scotch whisky is another reason I moved to the UK. I am quite partial to a wee dram and plan to take a trip around the Scottish distilleries in the near future. But until I head north to taste the water of life, I buy the odd bottle to make up for it.

Typography is fascinating: it can make or break a design, and that's why we always pay close attention to it.

Dawn Hamilton / Client Services Director

I’ve worked in independent, international award-winning integrated design agencies for the past 17 years. I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with clients in many industries across packaging design, digital solutions, brand design and corporate identity. At Ball Design & Branding, my focus is on client services.

When I’m not in the office, I’m running my online, global business in the health & wellness industry, focusing on my personal goals and development. I also like to try new things from wake boarding, rock climbing to the flying trapeze.

I believe in brand strategy and the big idea, executed thoughtfully and thoroughly across all brand touch points to create an ownable and unforgettable brand experience.

Jonathan Hughes / Brand Strategist & Copywriter

I bring dead things to life, especially communications. I’ve spent over 25 years building creative solutions that work. Typically, I work very visually to open up the process between clients and creatives, giving rise to lasting insights and laying strong creative foundations for what follows.

I’ve worked with clients from Accenture and BUPA to the Sunday Times and UNICEF. My personal client projects in 2015/16 include breakthrough creative work for St Paul’s Cathedral.

In my spare time I’m a keen parkrunner and regularly run the ‘mother’ course around Bushy Park with about a thousand others on a Saturday morning. I also sing with the Dowsing Sound Collective, that merges professional musicians with amateur singers to put on one-night-only gigs, and donates all profits to life-changing musical initiatives.

What I love the most is working with clients where there’s an ‘aha’ moment… they have real clarity on their own brand… and we’re then in a much better position to inspire who it is we’re talking to.