Meetings at Ball Design just got better

Remember the good ol’ days of your misspent youth down the arcade? Well now you have an excuse to relive those halcyon days… we’ve purchased a new “meeting table” for our studio… a table-top arcade machine with 60 classic ’80s arcade games including Pacman, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and Galaxian. What could be better than mixing business with nostalgia?

A new angle on corporate exhibition design

Meeting tight deadlines is very often the case when delivering exhibition design to large corporations. Victrex are an advanced polymer manufacturer providing specialist plastics to many industries including aerospace and automobile. We developed the ‘in-brand’ surface graphics for Victrex, working closely with their exhibition constructors. Our experience in large format design and expertise in Adobe Illustrator allowed us to deliver the stand graphics within an incredibly tight deadline.

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Our designs are now All Black

Our newest employee Simon Dibley, started working with us in April 2015. So you know more about him, here’s a quick Q&A…

Where are you from?

I’m from a city in New Zealand called Tauranga.

What inspired you to get into design?

I’ve always loved illustration and design, they were the subjects at school that I enjoyed the most. Since I enjoyed it so much it made sense for me to continue studying design. This lead me to study at Massey University in Wellington where I became a Bachelor of Design (Hons).

What do you do at Ball Design (apart from making tea!)?

Although a good cup of tea is my main task here at Ball Design, on the side I also help out with projects, offer an opinion on things, and at the same time I’m learning a ton about the design industry from Tim. It’s all very hands on and I’ve been thrown right in at the deep end.

What has been your best experience so far at Ball Design?

I’ve really enjoyed the London College of Garden Design project because I’ve seen it develop from almost start to finish and played a large part in the brand development. I found the whole process really interesting and the project was fun to work on.

What interests you outside of work?

Scotch whisky, video games, music, and reading books. Not necessarily in that order.

Tell us something surprising about you…

I suppose my combination of music tastes is a little strange. I like metal, rap, jazz, and classical music.