Corn… wall!

In late 2015, we collaborated with illustrator Andrew Denholm to create a workspace for our studio. The design had to have impact for our clients when they walked in the front door and Andrew’s illustrative style was perfect for this. The wall space is around 3.5 metres tall. Consequently there was plenty of space to be filled… the piece is inspired by Mount’s Bay, Cornwall where Tim Ball, owner of Ball Design & Branding comes from. It depicts the many facets of life in and around the bay, hence fish, basking sharks and mermaids were all thrown into the mix. The right hand wall had lighting on it and so we devised a way of incorporating this into the design… what could be better than Wolf Rock lighthouse illuminating the scene.

Working with Andrew Denholm on the project was great fun and we feel he really captured the essence of what we wanted… something personal that we would not tire of for a long time.

The following images show the development process from early sketches through to final pencil drawings and refined artwork as well as some shots of the installation.