Getting Wild About books

Local photographer Andrew Wilson has been actively shooting images of south west London for a number of years and decided to publish his images in hardback books to sell to the public. His attempts at design were hindering his sales. Recognising this he approached us for help.

Our approach to the design of the books emphasised the imagery over the typographic content. The layout was set out on grids through each book and our aim was to create a narrative for each section as well as helping Andrew in an editing capacity, selecting only the best images.

The books have been well received in bookshops across the region, selling very well, particularly around the Christmas period. The Wild About series has now become a well-known series of publications in the local area. Wild About Barnes is now on it’s third edition and Wild About Putney on its second.

I like to think that I produce some nice photography but until I started using Ball Design & Branding for my books they were lost amongst some inferior design. Tim has a great eye and my publishing has really moved on to another level since we started working together four years ago and I am looking forward to working on the next publications with Ball Design & Branding.

Andrew Wilson

Publisher and Photographer

Client Sector

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